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Six Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

Posted by Dave Refault on 15-Mar-2018 10:02:35


We’ve been hiring recently in the Beyond office – with a multitude of CV’s, Interviews and a great selection of different types of people we started to nail down what we wanted to see in a persons character

Below you will find six reasons why you may not have got a previous job!

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Topics: Team Management, emotions, behaviour

Why I Never Felt Entitled (and still don’t).

Posted by Dave Refault on 06-Mar-2018 11:20:43


We were having a discussion in the office the other day about how expectations are changing within the workplace.   What came out of it was that there is commonly an expectation of ‘Entitlement’ in the workplace. I've been pondering this somewhat in order to understand our discussion in more detail.  It also gave me the opportunity to use Daffy Duck in a blog.  

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Why I Stopped Reading The News

Posted by Dave Refault on 26-Feb-2018 12:48:02



We are naturally drawn towards these types of words it appears.  They pique our curiosity and perhaps actually make us feel better about ourselves.  Strange creatures aren't we?

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Cash is king.  Keeping an eye on the essentials.

Posted by Dave Refault on 22-Feb-2018 14:57:14

 Starting a business is an exciting moment in your life, you’ve made a huge decision to step away from the ‘traditional’ employment and start something amazing.  You’ve got the ideas, you may even have a prototype, you’ve got great contacts and a growing network.  So what’s the worry right?

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We are ISO Certified

Posted by Dave Refault on 09-Jan-2018 16:38:03

Proud to be certified to ISO 9001/27001 International Standards   

Big news for Beyond recently after months and months of hard work by the team we are delighted to announce that Beyond M&A has recently become certified in ISO 9001/27001!

Why is this such a big deal? Here’s some info about ISO and how these standards are a benchmark for the quality of work we deliver.


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My thoughts on being an Operations Director.

Posted by Dave Refault on 19-Dec-2017 10:00:00


  It’s been exceptionally busy in the office over the past few months with taking on more staff and moving to a larger office, and so I now reflect on my role here at Beyond. I hope you find it interesting.
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8 Ideas for Maintaining Business Stability.

Posted by Dave Refault on 12-Dec-2017 10:00:00

A fаѕt grоwth business sounds great right? Revenues are up, your getting the media attention – hell you might even be famous in your sector. We see businesses that have thrived and failed off the back of rapid expansion. Uber for example has had stratospheric growth – however it continues to struggle with its internal organization.

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Why People Management is Changing for the Better

Posted by Dave Refault on 07-Dec-2017 15:17:12

How often is an organization praised for its people management? Not nearly enough, but that’s beginning to change as companies start to see parallels between customer experience and employee experience.

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Topics: Team Management

Windows Server 2016 - Part 3

Posted by Dave Refault on 14-Apr-2016 10:00:00

Welcome back to our series on Windows Server 2016.   This week we are taking a look at Containerization - what it means and what it can do for you.

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Windows Server 2016.  Part 2.

Posted by Dave Refault on 05-Apr-2016 10:00:00

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog on Windows Server 2016.   In the last part we discussed the different editions of Windows Server 2016, licenses and how Storage Spaces Direct could offer an alternative from typical storage solutions for certain services.

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