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We are all credible.

Posted by Hutton Henry on 01-Mar-2018 16:01:23

My family were walking along a main street in a better part of London last week with our 3-year old in her buggy when a lady quickly jumped out at us, concerned, pointing to a rubbish bin. The lady was anxious and wanted to warn us that the bin was alight, on fire, and we were on track to walk very close to it.

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Why marketing is needed for post-merger integration projects

Posted by Hutton Henry on 06-Feb-2018 10:50:52

At the same time as working out your PMI approach, your organisation should also think about how you’re going to communicate your new business strategy. An M&A marketing plan should be comprehensive in its scope as it needs to convey information to a wide audience that includes shareholders, employees and customers. Your PMI marketing plan could include informative material such as press releases and brochures that will help sell the transition. Videos are a great way to talk directly to people and can be posted on your digital platforms. And then there’s social media to consider.

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Fresh ways to engage your Post-Merger Integration Staff

Posted by Hutton Henry on 09-Jan-2018 15:53:13

We’ve looked before at the significance of employee engagement in our article: How important is company culture to staff engagement? Improving employee engagement increases motivation and in turn productivity. But how can you achieve this in PMI or other disruptive scenarios?

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"Selling" is an essential skill for Post-Merger Integration teams.

Posted by Hutton Henry on 04-Jan-2018 09:31:58

A few years ago, I was asked to help with a troubled PMI project - the project and technical leads both demonstrated communication issues; as in they didn't listen to the tech staff from an acquired business. There were concerns that their behaviour was harming the relationship between the technology teams who had only recently met.

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How important is company culture to staff engagement?

Posted by Hutton Henry on 18-Dec-2017 11:00:00

Every company has its own set of characteristics. These may have evolved over many years or been the same since an organisation’s inception.

A company’s character or culture is the intangible ethos that drives it as a business. It’s about how groups of people interact with each other and the values they share. Your company culture is a strong influence on how your employees do their jobs and the attitude they take towards you, their employer.

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Motivating Demotivated Teams in Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted by Hutton Henry on 15-Dec-2017 14:50:08

The post-merger integration phase is a tricky time for all businesses.

In this crucial period, you need your teams to be motivated – yet this is just when staff morale can drop, if not handled carefully. If one employee is feeling demotivated this negative attitude can spread to their colleagues.In a situation like this, action needs to be taken swiftly to avoid one person dragging a whole team down.

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Managing multi-generational technology workforces in a PMI project

Posted by Hutton Henry on 29-Nov-2017 21:14:10

Today’s technology departments are generally made up of people from diverse backgrounds and of different ages.

There are the graduates and apprentices, then the Generation X in their 40s and 50s, and even some older Baby Boomers. This multi-generational environment can be beneficial as it combines modern and legacy ideas. Traditional approaches can work simultaneously with contemporary methodologies.

When the young learn from the old and vice versa, you’ve got an ideal creative mix. However, cracks can begin to show when the pressure is on.

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Take a People First, Technology Second Approach to PMI

Posted by Hutton Henry on 20-Nov-2017 15:53:47

When you merge two companies, it’s not just two technology environments (or more) that need to become one; you’re also bringing together groups of people from varying backgrounds. Sometimes the acquiring and acquired company can be very similar in culture and ethos - but more often they can be poles apart.

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Avoid Hidden Costs in Your Post Merger Integration Project

Posted by Hutton Henry on 15-Nov-2017 21:38:24

Every company’s technology environment is different because it has evolved over time. Which means, one size never fits all. Therefore, it’s always necessary to do an in-depth assessment before you plan your PMI project. If you fail to carry out this level of due diligence, hidden costs and potential delays will emerge as you progress.

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Can the Latest M&A Technology Ensure the Success of Your PMI Project?

Posted by Hutton Henry on 01-Nov-2017 21:57:28

Deploying the latest technology can play a significant role in the success of your post-merger integration project.

However, when we talk about the technology involved in your PMI, we don’t just mean your own internal IT infrastructure. We’re also referring to the technologies to ensure your integration goes according to plan.

An essential aspect of any PMI project is obtaining a complete asset inventory – and not just of the company you’re acquiring. An overall inventory of the two (or more) merging companies offers valuable information and insights.

That’s why we developed Lens.

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