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First Female Winner-Microsoft Apprentice of the Year 2015

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 05-Jun-2015 11:07:10

The Future of Technology: Women and Apprentices?

In the world of technology, things can change suddenly as new innovations are introduced and adopted sometimes seemingly overnight. Some trends however have taken longer to adopt. Those that we have seen growing over the years, especially in the UK, have been:

  • Increased Women leadership in the Tech World and 
  • The rise in popularity of Apprenticeship Programs

Both have proven to be fundamentally challenged ideas and perceptions. Recent studies show that, only 29 in 1,000 women in the EU hold a degree in IT compared to 95 men. With many changes on the horizon, the stigmas of Women in a "Man's World" are slowly being left behind. As far as the rise in apprentice encouragement, government recognition has justified the successful combination of on the job training, mentorship and experience to encourage today's youth that traditional methods of education are just one of many choices available to them. Read about our experience working with an apprentice here

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Microsoft Apprentice of the Year 2015

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 04-Jun-2015 10:02:00

Today the Microsoft Apprentice of the Year 2015 will be named at the Microsoft UK Headquarters in Reading. This prestigious award was won by Alexander Small, our Lead Developer here at Beyond Migration at the House of Commons last year. Read more about his journey from a retail assistant to a passionate developer here.

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National Apprentice Week: Our experience with a Microsoft Apprentice

Posted by Hutton Henry on 09-Mar-2015 16:34:00

It happens to be National Apprentice Week right now which according to the Government website is aimed at:

  • getting more small businesses to take on apprentices
  • promoting the range and breadth of apprenticeships on offer, including those at Higher level and within blue chip companies
  • celebrating apprenticeships and the level of success that learners can achieve

I thought it would be useful to explain in detail how our experience went and the value we all gained.

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Microsoft Apprentice of the Year Award 2014

Posted by Alex on 08-Jan-2015 16:49:00

My Journey as an Apprentice

I remember very clearly the week prior to starting my QA Apprenticeship; I spent my evenings reading the QA Blog and researching what was going to be covered in the first weeks at C# Boot-camp. It was then when I first acknowledged the award, wondering what I had to do to 'win'. 18 months down the line, out of the blue, I receive an email from Microsoft inviting me to the awards ceremony.

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Posted by Hutton Henry on 07-Jan-2015 17:07:00

In the 80's the main seller of computers was Boots the Chemist. They used to sell them in the basement and the kids, unable to afford the kit, used to be able to go downstairs and show off their coding skills which they learnt from magazines. Taking ages to type-up their code, they'd squeeze it in memory and leave it running (hopefully with some code which disabled the BREAK key so your pride and joy could run forever). It was a bit of a "code-off".

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