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Six Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

Posted by Dave Refault on 15-Mar-2018 10:02:35


We’ve been hiring recently in the Beyond office – with a multitude of CV’s, Interviews and a great selection of different types of people we started to nail down what we wanted to see in a persons character

Below you will find six reasons why you may not have got a previous job!

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How do our emotions affect our behaviour?

Posted by Claire Sanders on 01-Mar-2018 16:12:33

The way we feel will influence our behaviour in different ways for different people. Our emotions affect how we work, the way we speak to others, our body language and our mental stability. What is interesting is the way that as individuals we act on our emotions in differently depending on the environment.

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We are all credible.

Posted by Hutton Henry on 01-Mar-2018 16:01:23

My family were walking along a main street in a better part of London last week with our 3-year old in her buggy when a lady quickly jumped out at us, concerned, pointing to a rubbish bin. The lady was anxious and wanted to warn us that the bin was alight, on fire, and we were on track to walk very close to it.

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Topics: emotions, behaviour