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Benefits of Infrastructure Reality

Posted by Hutton Henry on 23-Jul-2015 15:56:06


Something I've seen many times in business is the lack of visibility of IT infrastructure. Regardless if it is within corporations or small business this is generally down to the same reasons: - the IT infrastructure grows organically over time and we become too busy dealing with business issues to start thinking about setting up an inventory.

I admit building an asset inventory may appear not to be important when there are more pressing matters to deal with. 

For some organisations, setting-up an asset register via SharePoint or intranet has been attempted and the service desk tool, whilst it collects all the information we need, is quite cumbersome to get the necessary information. Often there's a Microsoft Access database that has been created that has evolved into its own Line of Business application.

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LENS: Asset Management Software available now!

Posted by Hutton Henry on 20-Jan-2015 11:30:00


Our "hybird asset-management and migration tool" is now available in beta!

We are opening up the beta to any company that would like to take part - on the basis you can provide us some feedback on how we can improve our product and tailor it to your needs.

The software is currently being used in businesses varying from 150  to 5,000 end-users. As a cloud offering the platform is scalable and usable worldwide. The benefits:

  • A single portal for all your asset management and migration project needs
  • A modern and well-designed interface 
  • Agentless solution with low resource requirements from your team
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