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Windows Migration Tools Made Simple

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 27-May-2015 16:30:00


Migrate users and computers to secure modern systems...

After using the Discovery and Planning portion of Lens, Project Managers are then able to utilise the Migration tool. This allows users to migrate and computers to secure modern systems. Discovery and Planning enabled a more accurate project plan while the migration tool allows for the action of the project. Different migration projects offer different migration tools.

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Planning your Migration Project Discovery

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 11-May-2015 18:00:00

Assess IT Assets before, during and after a Windows Migration

We wanted to provide a quick and cost effective way to keep track of IT assets and present them in a meaningful way. 

The ability to provide deep knowledge of the IT environment allows : 

  • Programme Managers to understand the status of a migration project 

  • Technical staff to see what exactly is running on their IT estate 

  • Professional Services teams to understand a client's IT environment better 

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LENS: Asset Management Software available now!

Posted by Hutton Henry on 20-Jan-2015 11:30:00


Our "hybird asset-management and migration tool" is now available in beta!

We are opening up the beta to any company that would like to take part - on the basis you can provide us some feedback on how we can improve our product and tailor it to your needs.

The software is currently being used in businesses varying from 150  to 5,000 end-users. As a cloud offering the platform is scalable and usable worldwide. The benefits:

  • A single portal for all your asset management and migration project needs
  • A modern and well-designed interface 
  • Agentless solution with low resource requirements from your team
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