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Windows Migration Tools Made Simple

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 27-May-2015 16:30:00


Migrate users and computers to secure modern systems...

After using the Discovery and Planning portion of Lens, Project Managers are then able to utilise the Migration tool. This allows users to migrate and computers to secure modern systems. Discovery and Planning enabled a more accurate project plan while the migration tool allows for the action of the project. Different migration projects offer different migration tools.

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Office365 Migration Tools

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 26-May-2015 12:30:00

Thinking about an Office 365 Migration?  

Lens provides Project Managers with Office 365 Migration Tools, amentioned in this blog post. A large portion of Office 365 Management lies in the Remediation tool. These Office365 Migration Tools allow you to prepare for your migration by reviewing related technology and devices that may need attention before your organisation migrates. 

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Office 365 Migration Management

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 22-May-2015 12:30:00

Office 365 Migration Basics

Cloud based migrations are occuring more and more frequently within organisations, one of the most common migrations being to Office 365. These migrations provide organisations with endless opportunities and benefits (See case study here). Some of the most common reasons to migrate your organisation to Office 365 include the ability to work remotely, access emails and calendars on the go, and store, sync and share files.  

As a part of Lens, tools are provided in order to perform asset management, or platform migration planning in terms of migrating users to the cloud. 

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How To Be More Transparent: Planning A Windows/Office 365 Migration

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 12-May-2015 16:30:00

Project Management focused, the Planning section of Lens is dedicated to improve strategic groundwork and increase transparency for Programme Managers and Project Teams working on Migration projects.  

Windows, Server, Office 365 and Office Moves are tools to assist asset management or platform migration planning. Common projects include Office 365 Migration, Windows Server Migration or Windows Migration.  

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Discovery: Windows Server Migration Tools Part 2

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 12-May-2015 08:00:00

As mentioned in part one of this blog series, Lens allows you to view your discovery data from many perspectives. 

Benefits of an organized overview of geographic locationsservers, tracked applications, operating systems and print centers include: 

  • Increased visibility on core information during tasks such as Windows Migration or Windows Server Migration 

  • Effective time management - as project management tools are built upon the discovery information 

  • Accurate risk assessment on potential End of Life ("EOL") Operating Systems or Applications.  

Depending on the Data Sources enabled, icons can readily be clicked on from the main Data Warehouse. The following are even more of the key insights that Lens can provide: 

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Office 365 and Windows Migration Software

Posted by Alexxa Farrelly on 11-May-2015 16:08:00

Help for Office 365 and Windows Migration

When we meet Enterprise clients one of the first discussions we have is regarding whether they have full visibility of their computer systems.  Invariably, the answer we get is "about 80%" with the additional 20% being difficult to inventory because of recent change and growth or technical reasons such as remote workers who rarely make an appearance at the office. 

So we set to automate the inventory- in order to help companies plan change more effectively. 


Discovery is at the core of Lens. Once Lens has discovered your IT system, you have the basis to assess your system for risks, costs and migration to a new platform. It is possible to collect this information. from other sources,such as scripts and exiting systems management products such as SCCM and Solar Winds.   

From Beyond Migration's perspective, we want to discover the raw technical information from your IT environment to help you assess and make effective changes across your business. For instance, once you have full visibility you will be able to: 

And what's more the inventory is always kept up to date.

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Using the Surface RT and Office 365

Posted by TonyM on 15-Jan-2015 15:14:00

As someone who had tried various manufacturers tablet PCs in the past I had always thought the format of the device had a lot of potential. Despite the appeal of the form factor I still found myself returning to the laptop (and desktop) as the performance and the form factor never really developed as I had hoped.

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Lync and presence and why it works for me!

Posted by TonyM on 14-Jan-2015 15:10:00

As a project manager with a team who can often be spread across the country or even the continent the use of Lync and the ability to see when colleagues and customers are available is something that I have come to rely on more and more.

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Office 365 - a myriad of connected products!

Posted by Hutton Henry on 13-Jan-2015 14:46:00

We recently met with a potential customer to discuss Microsoft Office 365. As a customer that is already interested in cloud technologies and how it can benefit their business the meeting was not about "product". Instead it was focused around functionality and comparing what they do today versus what they could do in the future.

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Windows 8 Childs play?

Posted by TonyM on 12-Jan-2015 11:18:00

An archive blog post wich is interesting to read considering the up and coming release of Windows 10:

There has been a lot of negative press reports on Windows 8 but as someone who has used it from the Beta release I would like to Champion its cause rather than rush to its defence. One of the biggest criticisms seems to be around the duality of the desktop and the interface formally known as Metro. The other point seems to be blogosphere and pundits seem to want to reinforce the impression that Windows 8 is difficult to use and not intuitive.

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