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First Day Nerves, Second Day Business as Usual

Posted by Hutton Henry on 12-Sep-2017 14:26:00

So often, the focus of a post-merger integration technology project is on Day One. But what happens on Day Two – the day after you’ve gone live with your new tech environment?

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5 Stages to Post-Merger Integration: Part Three – Planning and Design

Posted by Hutton Henry on 11-Aug-2017 09:38:05

Envision – develop and stress-test a technical delivery plan

A good Post-Merger Integration plan is effectively a sales document that will be circulated and assessed by all parties. Therefore, it needs to be convincing, and it needs to work.
Everyone’s eyes will be on the transformation team’s proposed plan, which will assess the feasibility and associated risk.

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How M&A IT projects differ from a traditional IT project

Posted by Hutton Henry on 17-Mar-2017 14:09:51

In order to plan a more effective M&A IT transformation and deliver a better "Day One" solution it is essential to understand the characteristics that are different within a M&A IT transformation. Being aware of these differences will allow better planning - hence here are the five main differences of a M&A IT project:

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