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When Windows 8.1 comes into its own

Posted by TonyM on 16-Jan-2015 15:17:00

I make no secret that I like Windows 8.1, and I happily acknowledge that I am in a minority when I say that. It’s fairly ironic to me that a lot of the perceived vitriol directed at the product really doesn’t stand up to inspection and is fundamentally more about journalists and bloggers bringing their own agenda to the table.

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Windows 8 Childs play?

Posted by TonyM on 12-Jan-2015 11:18:00

An archive blog post wich is interesting to read considering the up and coming release of Windows 10:

There has been a lot of negative press reports on Windows 8 but as someone who has used it from the Beta release I would like to Champion its cause rather than rush to its defence. One of the biggest criticisms seems to be around the duality of the desktop and the interface formally known as Metro. The other point seems to be blogosphere and pundits seem to want to reinforce the impression that Windows 8 is difficult to use and not intuitive.

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