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Windows Server 2003 EOL Videos

Posted by Hutton Henry on 05-Aug-2015 16:00:00

We have posted a lot of text-heavy posts on this blog regarding Windows Server 2003 End of Life. Before we move onto the next stage - what platforms to migrate to, we thought it worth sharing some of the related videos:

Windows 2003 End of Support (Microsoft)

In this short video Microsoft manage to describe the risks of not upgrading and mention private cloud benefits of Windows Server 2012 virtualisation and public cloud offerings of Microsoft Azure and Office 365


4 Steps to Windows Server Migration Planninng (Microsoft)

In this video Microsoft invite you to "start the path to IT innovation", providing some information on the four main steps to Windows Server 2003 elimination success:


Customer feedback on the Cloud (Beyond)

And this is one of our videos, where we start with the end game - how end-users respond to moving to the cloud.... 


Start Planning your Windows Server 2003 Migration today

I hope you enjoyed these videos, there are many more online.  Whilst it is clear to see that there are obvious risks with not upgrading, the complexities, time and resource requirements are not easy to demonstrate in a video.  A comprehensive discovery and resulting inventory is essential, along with specialised management processes and experience.  I wonder where I can find them.....



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