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Hutton Henry
Are your people in the right seats?

In a post-COVID-19 world the need to get our people back into the right..

Hutton Henry
In Praise of Fika

In every lockdown, there’s a silver lining.

Let me explain.

Anna Magnusson
Make Communication work

Prior to delivering personal-awareness workhops, the primary challenge most..

Dave Refault
Leadership and Management Skills – are they the same?

Can all managers lead? Can Leaders manage? Many people ask these questions..

Dave Refault
Benefits of promoting independent thinking.

Most forward-thinking employers would consider creativity as a crucial skill..

Hutton Henry
23 Insightful IT Due Diligence Red Flags

I’ve managed through numerous DD projects this month, and they prompted me..

Hutton Henry
The Diversity in Tech issue is bigger than you thought.

90.27% of Tech Employees Act The Same Way

We work with teams either when..

Hutton Henry

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