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Assess Your Project Risks During a Windows Migration

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Alexxa Farrelly

Planning ahead for your Windows Migration...

not only increases overall project success, but allows the process to run more smoothly. Risks should be identified very early on in the planning stages as they can be costly, fatal or have large impacts on the project as whole. Planning ahead by assessing potential risks not only increases the transparency of the project but provides a foundation for further planning.  


Common Risks during Windows Migration

When embarking on a Windows Migration, we know from experience there are some common risks such as: 

  • Incompatible Applications  

  • Incompatible Hardware and

  • Missing Applications among others... 

But how can these risks be avoided, or planned for?

Programme Project Managers, shareholders and people who are working on the migration project will all find value in the Risk Register. By increasing the transparency of the risks associated with the project, efficiency is also increased along with proper allocation of time. Without a risk register, basic risks could otherwise be overlooked, while staff make assumptions on what other team members might be aware of during the project phase  


During a Windows migration project there is a hive of activity as the project team put together a solid delivery approach.  The main objective is to get it right - first time.   

By making the risks transparent it is easy for the team to see what risks and issues are outstanding.  Meaning a higher-quality Windows migration project delivery and a better experience for the end-users. 

When the users have been migrated to a new version Windows many of the outstanding issues may still be a problem a year or two ater project closure.  Keeping these risks in the ARID log within the software allows the team to look back at problems that may still affect the environment.

Risk Mitigation during a Windows Migration

The risk register allows you to create and log new risks during windows migration projects. By creating a new task you able put in different descriptive fields of the risk including the impact level, probability, the date it was identified and the RAG among others. Back on the main list you are then able to see the overall impact level that the task will have on your project, allowing you to see the bigger picture and plan your Windows Migration project as efficiently as possible. 

Planning a Windows Migration project?
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