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Windows Migration Risks, Issues, Decisions and Actions

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Alexxa Farrelly

As mentioned in our initial ARID postinitiating a windows migration project across a number of computer systems, people, applications and servers means connecting to machine sources of information. In most Enterprise companies, gaining access, change control procedures and testing discovery takes time and management.  


Windows Migration Risks and Issues

ARID is an important feature used to determine the key actions, risks, issues and decisions during a windows migration project. As a programme project manager or member of the project team, one would be able to asses the variables of the windows migration project and have a clearer insight about the project before, during and after the migration  


ARID entries are displayed according to due date. This chart allows viewers to see key objectives that need to be carried out in order to allow the project to smoothly continue on to the next phase. Space for details, area, priority, scope, estimated and actual time, rating, status and due date of the task all aid in increasing transparency, being important for reasons mentioned here.

When to use ARID...

Tracking actions, risks, issues and decisions before and during a windows migration in this platform allows for complete visibility during the project. It also improves the decision making process as the priorities of the tracked items are presented in a cloud based platform, so all opinions can be taken onboard  

One major benefit of this screen is that all project members can both read and update ARID entries, reducing the workload for the project manager and ensuring entries are updated throughout a project lifecycle.  

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