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Hutton Henry
Action Beats Analysis

Today there is a plethora of technology devices to track your health,..

Hutton Henry
Are you Start-Up or Scale-Up Leader?

I have a confession. I am naturally incapable of scaling-up my business.  I..

Hutton Henry
Uncover the Innovators

Architect the Team

As the new financial year looms and projects are soon to..

Hutton Henry
5 Post-Merger Integration Challenges: Part Four – Day One Cutover

PMI Day One Cutover we have taken to the steps to engage the..

Hutton Henry
5 Post-Merger Integration Challenges: Part One – Employee Engagement

What is a Post-Merger Integration?

Mergers and acquisitions, or "M&A," are..

Hutton Henry
How has the tech world changed for IT staff?

It’s now common to find multi-generational tech teams in large corporations,..

Hutton Henry
7 potential security risks during a PMI project

During the many changes that take place during a PMI project, you need to..

Hutton Henry
Why PMI projects differ from traditional projects

Once a merger has been agreed and integration planning is underway, it’s..

Hutton Henry
How do staff affect Post-Merger Integration?

Every PMI project is different, but the mistakes made during project..

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