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Going With Your Gut

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Dave Refault


Going with your gut

I’m often told I’m a detail guy.

It’s true – I am slightly risk adverse (to a point – I do like to give certain things ‘a go’), so I tend to spend considerable time thinking about issues, risks and opportunities before I form an opinion or make a decision.  You are not likely to get an immediate response out of me – I like to ponder (you’ve probably noticed this by now).  I also talk to myself when pondering (maybe I am crazy).

However there is one source of advice that I like to follow, sometimes it’s wrong, and it’s nearly impossible to quantify.  When its right however – it gives you that ‘I KNEW IT’ kind of feeling.

It’s your ‘instinct’.   Or to put it more plainly – it’s ‘Going With Your Gut’. 

Now this can be hugely frustrating to others.   You’ve made a decision that you cannot fully or properly explain – and that drives people nuts.  Even when the results of that decision work out.  However you will find that by following your instincts and not pre-defined ideas, you become less pigeon holed and you stop wasting time on ‘what ifs’.   By the way – this ‘instinct’ also works with people that you meet, sometimes you just ‘know’ it isn’t going to work out and vice versa.

Going with your gut

One thing about Gut Feelings is that they often require you to be able to ‘Pivot’.   That is – make rapid changes.   These changes could be to your life, business or whatever.   The key thing is you must act.  I realized sometime ago that I wasn’t happy performing a certain job role (I like to think I was pretty good at it) and I sat down with my better half and said I need to make a change.   My Gut was telling me that this wasn’t the ‘life story’ I was supposed to be writing.   So I quit my job.   It was a very turbulent time for me.   Quitting your job when you’re moving home and have (another) child on the way probably wasn’t the smartest move.   However – I always had this sense of ‘it will be ok’. 

It never left me and it’s still with me today.

If that feeling ever leaves me – that’s when I’ll start to worry.

I’ve become a fan of Ted Talks recently – they have some fantastic topics and some incredible speakers.    There’s one I found recently by a guy called ‘Magnus Walker’.   I’d never heard of Magnus before (despite being a car guy), however his talk on ‘Go With Your Gut’ is a great watch.  He takes you through his life, which has been fairly hap-hazard, but is hugely successful and above all else – appears to be a very happy man.

Here’s the link:

So what’s my point here?   If you don’t like something – change it.   If you feel you should be doing something else – do it.   If your Gut is trying to give you advice – perhaps you should listen to it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Dave Refault - Having worked within IT for over 20 years, Dave has experienced roles from helpdesk to senior infrastructure management within aviation, finance and retail corporations. He continually looks for ways to improve service and technologies to benefit business consumers. He believes IT should be straight forward, easy to understand and be affordable. 


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