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How do our emotions affect our behaviour?

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Claire Sanders

The way we feel will influence our behaviour in different ways for different people. Our emotions affect how we work, the way we speak to others, our body language and our mental stability. What is interesting is the way that as individuals we act on our emotions in differently depending on the environment.

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As someone with an older sibling who I have continuously found difficult to get along with, it had me thinking about previous work-related moments where someone may have annoyed me in a similar way that my brother always would and yet, I handled the situation completely differently. The thought that we are clever enough to feel the same emotion but respond to it differently, struck interest for me and therefore I conducted some research into the science behind it.

Your brain is the nerve centre for your body with over 100 billion nerve cells. Within the brain there is an area called the limbic system which deals with the recognising, showing and controlling of your emotions. For instance, if something upsets you, it is the part of the brain that recognises that you’re sad, perhaps shows this with tears in a certain situation but may control those tears in another. In the same respect, if you’re happy, you will smile or laugh. Therefore, in the example of my brother making me feel anger as a child, I recognise anger in the same way no matter the person or situation, however it is the limbic system within my brain that shows and controls that emotion differently. So while I may shout back at my brother, I would resolve the situation in a completely different manner at work or with friends.


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