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Hutton Henry
5 Post-Merger Integration Challenges: Part Four – Day One Cutover

PMI Day One Cutover we have taken to the steps to engage the..

Hutton Henry
5 Post-Merger Integration Challenges: Part One – Employee Engagement

What is a Post-Merger Integration?

Mergers and acquisitions, or "M&A," are..

Hutton Henry
Why PMI projects differ from traditional projects

Once a merger has been agreed and integration planning is underway, it’s..

Hutton Henry
How do staff affect Post-Merger Integration?

Every PMI project is different, but the mistakes made during project..

Hutton Henry
How to Make Your Tech Projects More Fun

The words ‘work’ and ‘fun’ can go together. But you can’t force it.

By this,..

Hutton Henry
How do you make the deal work?

There are numerous potential benefits of a merger and acquisition, not least..

Hutton Henry
Bring in A Fresh Pair of Eyes to Look at Your Post-Merger Integration

If you’re someone who has been closely involved in an acquisition are you..

Hutton Henry
Attitude is Everything in Post-Merger Integration

The success of any post-merger integration project is heavily reliant on..

Hutton Henry
Combining Two IT Infrastructures to Make One Perfect Environment

Almost 30% of respondents said that their post-merger integration fell short..

Hutton Henry
Prioritise Your Customers in Your M&A Integration

Although negotiations on your latest M&A deal may have been completed to..

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