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Alexxa Farrelly
Windows Migration Tools Made Simple


Migrate users and computers to secure modern systems...

After using the..

Alexxa Farrelly
Office365 Migration Tools

Thinking about an Office 365 Migration?  

Lens provides Project Managers..

Alexxa Farrelly
Office 365 Migration Management

Office 365 Migration Basics

Cloud based migrations are occuring more and..

Alexxa Farrelly
How To Be More Transparent: Planning A Windows/Office 365 Migration

Project Management focused, the Planning section of Lens is dedicated to..

Alexxa Farrelly
Discovery: Windows Server Migration Tools Part 2

As mentioned in part one of this blog series, Lens allows you to view your..

Alexxa Farrelly
Office 365 and Windows Migration Software

Help for Office 365 and Windows Migration

When we meet Enterprise clients..

Using the Surface RT and Office 365

As someone who had tried various manufacturers tablet PCs in the past I had..

Lync and presence and why it works for me!

As a project manager with a team who can often be spread across the country..

Hutton Henry
Office 365 - a myriad of connected products!

We recently met with a potential customer to discuss Microsoft Office 365...

Windows 8 Childs play?

An archive blog post wich is interesting to read considering the up and..

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