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Hutton Henry
Windows Server 2003 Migration and End of Life


It struck me recently there are not that many blogs dedicated..

Alexxa Farrelly
Windows Migration Tools Made Simple


Migrate users and computers to secure modern systems...

After using the..

Alexxa Farrelly
Office 365 Migration Management

Office 365 Migration Basics

Cloud based migrations are occuring more and..

Alexxa Farrelly
How to Plan A Windows Server Migration: Part 2

Planning a Windows Server Migration

In part one of this series (here) we..

Alexxa Farrelly
How to Plan A Windows Server Migration: Part 1

Windows Server Migration Planning Tools...

As it is almost time to say..

Alexxa Farrelly
Windows Migration Management Tools

How to manage OS End of Life during A Windows Migration

As a part of the M..

Alexxa Farrelly
How To Record Issues During A Windows Migration Project

A deeper dive into tools for a windows migration project... 

As mentioned..

Alexxa Farrelly
Management Tools for a Windows Migration

A look into your Windows Migration...

High level project management tools..

Alexxa Farrelly
How To Be More Transparent: Planning A Windows/Office 365 Migration

Project Management focused, the Planning section of Lens is dedicated to..

Alexxa Farrelly
How To Track Risks before a Windows Migration Project

Implementing Lens across a number of computer systems, people, applications..

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