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Hutton Henry
Windows Server 2003 EOL: 50 Shades of Grey (matter)

I run a business that profits from this need to migrate from 2003 Server..

Dave Refault
Windows 2003 EOL Tech Brief: P2V Activation woes…

One of the useful side effects of Windows 2003 decommissions is to take the..

Dave Refault
Windows Server 2003 EOL Tech Brief: Don't over-Complicate IT

Windows 2003 EOL - Data Migration Challenge

One of the major hurdles we've..

Hutton Henry
Alexxa Farrelly
Rush to Migrate from Windows Server 2003 Means a Minimising Talent Pool

Let's face it- if you have not chosen to migrate from Windows Server 2003..

Alexxa Farrelly
A bad break up story: Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003, 2015's worst break up. 

Let's face it- we all know a..

Hutton Henry
Windows Server 2003 Migration and End of Life


It struck me recently there are not that many blogs dedicated..

Alexxa Farrelly
The Cost of Staying on Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 is almost old news. Or is it? 

Recently, it is estimated..

Alexxa Farrelly
3 Myths: Why Not to Migrate from Windows Server 2003

In about 2 weeks Windows Server 2003 will be unsupported. If you have not..

Alexxa Farrelly
IT Security Proves Top Threat for 2015

At the halfway mark through the year we are exploring what is said to be..

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