Unconscious Bias – Can it Be Measured?

The first semester of studying film and screenwriting was exciting, and one teaching technique stands out a decade later. A group of 20-30 of us visited the cinema at the British Film Institute weekly, and a film was projected, often very well-known ...

Whitepaper - Windows Server 2003 End of Life


Whitepaper - Windows Server 2003 End of Life


Windows 2003 Web Servers – Seriously? 

THOSE GOOD OLD WEBSERVERS: We hear a re-occuring theme at present as we busily assist with Windows 2003 migrations and d...

Sick and tired of being told Server 2003 is no longer supported?

We know, you know.

Serious Data Breaches in Local Authorities

Newspapers stated today  "Councils have lost or misused private data thousands of times, says watchdog" which is an eye-...

Windows Server 2003 EOL Videos

We have posted a lot of text-heavy posts on this blog regarding Windows Server 2003 End of Life. Before we move onto the...

Windows Server 2003 EOL: 50 Shades of Grey (matter)

I run a business that profits from this need to migrate from 2003 Server but it is still worth exploring other avenues.....

Windows 2003 EOL Tech Brief: Who’s using that legacy app?

INTRODUCTION: When undertaking your Windows 2003 End of Life decommissioning process it’s the old rule of 90% preparatio...

Windows 2003 EOL: Free licensing for Windows Server 2012?


Windows 2003 EOL Tech Brief: P2V Activation woes…

One of the useful side effects of Windows 2003 decommissions is to take the opportunity to consolidate your physical foo...

Windows Server 2003 EOL Tech Brief: Don't over-Complicate IT

Windows 2003 EOL - Data Migration Challenge One of the major hurdles we've faced when performing migrations of client sy...

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