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Whitepaper - Windows Server 2003 End of Life

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Hutton Henry


Over the past couple of months we have been developing a whitepaper specifically aimed to help assess the management of a Windows Server 2003 end of life project.  We created the paper in order to share some of the main considerations and approach we have learnt whilst working on our own Server 2003 decommission projects.

Windows Server 2003 Whitepaper

Even though the Windows Server 2003 End of Life deadline has well and truly passed many organisations are still running the operating system, for a myriad of reasons that are specific to their business needs and assessment.  It is likely many will embark on replacing these systems when appropirate and whether this action begins now or maybe in a year's time when SQL Server 2005 reaches end of life then the appraoch is still the same.

One of the main challenges of working on Windows Server remediation projects is managing dependencies between servers and the challenge of managing hundreds of servers with hundreds, or possibly thousands, of legacy workloads.  Plenty of companies are managing to successfully remove this unsecure Windows platform and we hope our whitepaper helps define an appropriate approach and in turn remove some of the associated IT debt.

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