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Why I Stopped Reading The News

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Dave Refault

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We are naturally drawn towards these types of words it appears.  They pique our curiosity and perhaps actually make us feel better about ourselves.  Strange creatures aren't we?

I like nearly everyone else,  obsessively scour my apps and feeds to keep on top of what I think is important.  I need to know what was going on in the world as I believe it allows me to steer and change the course of my life.  I believe I'll make better decisions for myself and my family.   Of course thats nonsense.  
The problem with doing this is, apart from it being a huge distraction – it's bloody depressing.

We seem to revel in the glum and the shock and awe –  have a look at this article from the BBC which analyses why we seem to prefer the negative:

So I’m making a break for it – I’m cutting down on my news digests.  I’ve decided that it’s OK that I don’t have the latest and greatest of Current Affairs in my head.   There are more interesting and happier things in life.

Have a good week – and stop looking at the news!!! 😊


Dave Refault - Having worked within IT for over 20 years, Dave has experienced roles from helpdesk to senior infrastructure management within aviation, finance and retail corporations. He continually looks for ways to improve service and technologies to benefit business consumers. He believes IT should be straight forward, easy to understand and be affordable.

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