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Architect The Team®, before Technology.

Over the past five years, the diversity and inclusion movement in technology has made gains, but there is a long way to go.  The majority of employees operate in antiquated ways, unable to communicate effectively and collaborate with their business.


What you'll learn


We spend millions on innovation and digital transformation.  Yet, the costs associated with deviant behaviour in the workplace are staggering.

The cause? We've rewarded technology employees for "cynical analysis" in the past, and we are paying for that today.


Conventional thinking says that conflict is bad for teamwork and should be kept out of the office, but putting individuals in a conflictual state of mind can enhance their creativity.

Successful creativity is vital for remote working teams.


A strengths-based approach to leading your team pays off for more than the bottom line.  Helping your team understand their cognitive strengths give them a common language and vocabulary they can use to better describe, communicate with and understand each other.  


Companies build their technology teams, dismissing people without ideal qualifications and asking employees to behave to adhere to their job title.  The result?  Teams of clones.  Our data has shown 90.27% of cloning in technology teams.

"You don't build a business—you build people—and then people build the business."

 Zig Ziglar

And learn how technology employees of all ages, in different job-roles and industries benefit from learning more about their natural strengths.