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The Future Workplace

What is The Future Workplace

If you are happy with the status quo, you think that businesses are operating in the best possible way or maybe you just don't think change is a good idea, then this is definitely NOT the place for you.  

Disruptive ideas, creative thinking, thought shifting discussions and the drive to not be left behind are all part of what it takes to create the future workplace. 

On a monthly basis we get together to shake up the corporate bland and add a bit of colour to your week and hopefully get one step closer toTHE FUTURE WORKPLACE


Accelerate PMI - Anirvan Sen - Hutton Henry - 5th Chrome - Beyond MA - 2

Past Attendees

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26th March : Accelerating your Post-Merger Integration

11th June : Accelerating your Post-Merger Integration

Conflict - Why Your Business Needs it  

Limitless - Biohacking Decoded

Unmasking - A Guide to Imposter Syndrome

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Want to Speak at a Future Workplace Event?


We want to hear from you if you have ideas to share or if you're looking to shake things up in your workplace. 

We're always looking out for captivating speakers with innovative ideas for improvement about the People, Processes and Technology behind business success.