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During Mergers and Acquisitions, too many companies are treating PMI like any other project.

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Why do around 80% of Mergers & Acquisition deals fail to deliver the intended financial benefits?

One major reason is a failure to fully engage technology teams in the M&A process, which leads to loss of key staff, ideas and knowledge. 

The big tech CEOs repeatedly tell us it’s a ‘cloud first, mobile first’ world, but M&A has always been a ‘People First’ endeavour.

People First - Hutton Henry - Video Overview


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People First is a guide for those who are responsible for delivering post-merger integration projects and want to learn how to:

  • Develop high-performing teams spread across multiple companies

  • Create and nurture a positive team culture

  • Avoid common mistakes that can derail the integration

  • Discover the key differences between ‘Digital’ acquisitions and their ‘Legacy’ buyers

  • Ultimately, deliver a smooth technology transformation

Whether this is your first post-merger integration project or one of many, this book is essential reading. 

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